At the same time as the photographic retrospective at the International Center for Photography in Palermo, Miron Zownir's dazzling noir novel Tenebre su Kreuzberg is published in Italy in the summer of 2021 by Milieu Edizioni.

As in his photographs, also in his writing, Zownir's attention is focused entirely on the marginalized in society: unsolved and torn by inner conflicts they dragging themselves along in search of something they cannot even identify until reaching an incurable state of self-distance. Hallucinations are bearing connotations of dreams: reality, psychological crisis and the dream dimension then burn up in a narrative that becomes a spiral of madness. Between the alleys of Kreuzberg, the most characteristic and alternative quarter of the German capital, Zownir's pen moves like a shot between light and shadow. With an artistic sensitivity that captivates, the "poet of radical photography" urges us once more to look at diversity and taboos and not look the other way


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